About MoSHI

Mobile technologies such as smartphone apps and wearable sensors offer unprecedented opportunities to:

  • Sense and intervene on patient health behaviors, like exercise, substance use, and medication adherence, in real-time, in real-world contexts, and at a large scale.
  • Enhance patient engagement and patient-provider communication and improve the reach and accessibility of health care delivery.
  • Personalize prevention and treatment efforts.

The Mobile Sensing + Health Institute aims to improve patient health and engagement by bringing together experts in computer science, behavioral science, and clinical medicine.  MoSHI will establish shared resources and best practices for mobile sensing research within and across the University of Pittsburgh, UPMC, and Carnegie Mellon University. 

For more details on MoSHI projects, see https://www.moshi.pitt.edu/projects.


Interested in collaborating with MoSHI to collect and process smartphone, wearable, or other mobile sensor data?  Please contact us at moshi@pitt.edu to discuss.