MoSHI Seminar - February 2019

February 1, 2019 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm

Speaker: Joshua Smyth, PhD (Pennsylvania State University)

Title: Ambulatory Assessment and Intervention in Everyday Life

Description: This presentation will broadly attempt to describe the rationale, implementation, and contributions of real-time, ambulatory assessment and intervention; that is, why and how to study and intervene upon 'free-range' humans. In particular, Dr. Smyth will describe the importance of ecological momentary assessment (EMA) and the real time monitoring of person-centered variables, with a particular eye to measuring time-varying within-person processes. Next, he will provide examples of time-varying patient variables (e.g., affect, behaviors, disease markers/physiology,) that can be measured and used to inform intervention approaches, with a particular focus on innovative time-varying treatment options such as just-in-time [JIT] and adaptive treatments at the within-person level. Finally, some examples of his team’s current interventions will be provided.

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Location and Address

University Club, Conference Room A