School of Computing and Information Science Internships

We are looking for paid interns with skills in software engineering and/or data science to work on a variety of clinical research projects using passive sensor data from smartphones and wearable devices to monitor or improve health. Potential candidates will be Pitt SCI students with Python and/or R experience. We welcome students who are curious about health-related research questions, who learn quickly, and who can commit to working with us for at least six months.  To apply, please send your resume to moshi@pitt.edu.
Directed Undergraduate Research (Pitt PSY 1903)

We have opportunities for undergraduate students at the University of Pittsburgh to get involved in our interdisciplinary research for research credits.  Our lab is a great fit for students who are interested in medicine, health psychology, or digital health and informatics.  If you are interested in learning more about these opportunities, please send your CV and inquiry to Carissa Low (lowca@upmc.edu) or Krina Durica (duricak@upmc.edu).  For more information, see here.